Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal Himalayan mountains of Nepal are haven for mountaineers and trekkers from all over the world. There are a variety of options available for trekkers in varied terrain from low foothills to high magnificent Himalayas , some are strenuous and some soft. Nepal itself is a mountainous and Himalayan country. Eight of the ten world's highest peaks inhabit Nepal, which makes Nepal an ideal destination for Trekking here is not only exploring the trails made by nature, it also brings you in touch with people in the region while appreciating the beauty of the mountains and the environment. Trekking in wilderness while witnessing amazing scenery that nature has granted upon Nepal will be an experience of life. Here are the destinations and places which are ideal for trekking and mountaineering which promises outdoor people exciting options for adventurous vacations.

Trekking in Nepal is actually not very difficult, and the country is well-prepared to accept trekkers. A large number of touristsisit this tiny yet enchanting Himalayan land of Nepal to see its natural grandeur, which has overshadowed one most interesting and important aspect: the age old cultural heritage of the friendly, independent and peace-loving Nepalese people.

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ions, Nepal Adventure Trek has designed treks for everyone who are interested in hiking through the world's most beautiful regions. From the sub-tropical foothills of Nepal's Himalayas, our goal is to bring travelers to incredible places during their best seasons. Unique places where dramatic natural landscapes and fascinating cultures blend to create special destinations. From classic routes leading to many of the world's most celebrated peaks to hidden paths that few have visited we make sure your trek is the perfect balance of culture, nature and adventure.





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