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Ganga Thapa

Dear Travellers

It’s my immense pleasure to welcome you in Nepal Adventure Trek. This is an amazing time for me to be a part of Nepal Adventure Trek, which has been an inevitable part of tourism and hospitality industry of Nepal. Nepal is not just about diverse natural beauty, though we certainly have some of the most special and unique places on earth. Nepal is not just about trekking and mountaineering, though we boast most of the gigantic Himalayas. It is not just about our rich culture and heritage, though it is evident everywhere. It is about Nepal- every stone, place and person being knotted and interconnected to provide a unique and magical singular Nepal experience. The experience then becomes the promise Nepal Adventure Trek make to our visitors. Nepal Adventure Trek is not just about enjoying your holiday, but also a pilgrimage in itself as the team donates 5% of its total income to social foundations that work for underprivileged member of our community – to help the needy is to help god!

I believe Nepal Adventure Trek has gathered together an exceptional team of vibrant, dynamic, trained, dedicated, well experienced managers and staff to administer your travel program. I think that we have so cohesively unified our team that from the time you begin planning your trip to the time you return home, we want to make you feel you have been somewhere unlike any other.

Nepal Adventure Trek provides its clients with endless opportunities in the world of traveling. Our booking process is quick, simple and designed especially to be convenient for our customers. As a customer oriented company, we accept our customers as partners and we treat everyone individually and consider that our clients must exercise their time on their will and way. If you have a taste for the exotically special, the programs on our website make it easy for you to plan your time in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Ganga Thapa
Chief Executive Officer

Nepal Adventure Trek

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