Environmentally Resopnsible

We Nepal Adventure Trek are very much concerned about the nature. We basically focus on preserving the nature while organizing any trip. Thus we like to introduce ourselves as an eco-friendly travel and tour operator to preserve nature and its beauty.

Nepal Adventure Trek basically focus on the eco-friendly trips which absorbs traveling, trekking, hiking, holiday or visit the natural environs in a liable way which helps to conserve the environment as well as hold up the native inhabitants of a particular region. We are always conscious towards the conservation of environment, so our every traveling packages focus on the storing up of native culture, environment and other related factors. Besides our goal is to prop up and conserve the whole local ecosystem.

We are one of the leading trekking agencies in Nepal, offering large range of traveling programs, adventure package tours, itineraries in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India, and have been arranging eco-friendly travel all through pertinent destinations. We first and foremost focus on storing up and defending of eco-friendly tourism, reducing the pessimistic environmental impacts as well as builds environmental and cultural awareness plus admiration on a national scale. We encourage eco-travel throughout our adventure trekking, hiking holidays and traveling packages and conservation of environment comprising wildlife. Additionally ecology is central to our philosophy.

Not only this, mostly, our trips are intended to let our treasured clients to find out the Himalayan kingdom and experience its variety and bring in the mesmerizing cultures as well as create environmental preservation awareness among people. Comfortable, reliable and safety of our clients is our main concern while at the same time, keeping concerns for the environment.

We always lay emphasis on the following

  • Take only photo; leave only footprints as you embark on journey.
  • Use kerosene for cooking purpose.
  • Leave campsite clean.
  • Don’t fire on open place.
  • Don’t pollute water source.
  • Protect natural aspects.
  • Respect local culture
  • Seek permission before entering any temple or house.
  • Don’t take photographs with out granting permission.
  • Dress appropriately while traveling.


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